Mr Arjun Waney

Mr. Waney is the Chairman, Managing Director and principle shareholder of Argent Fund Management Limited which he manages daily. He is extremely well known in the field of hospitality in London, England where he has created various highly acclaimed restaurant brands like Zuma, Le Petite Maison, Coya and the Arts Club and Mayfair. His true passion however lies in his charity projects. He has been a philanthropist for many years and in 2001 founded his family trust, the Savitry Waney Charitable Trust which supports the provision of high impact healthcare and development for poor rural communities in India and Nigeria.

Mr C.Kewalramani

Mr. Kewalramani is an entrepreneur with interests in the telecommunications industry. Headquartered out of Singapore, he has business interests in West Africa and the U.K. He has established a Charitable Foundation in memory of his parents and supports several causes both in India and Nigeria.

Mr Dayal Chanrai

Over the last 48 years, Mr. Chanrai has developed a rich business experience having worked in Far East Asia, United Kingdom and West Africa.

Mr. Chanrai has held Directorship positions in businesses ranging from textile manufacturing, general trading, retail and agricultural development. Mr. Chanrai is currently a Director in Kewalram Chanrai Holdings Limited and holds the position of a Trustee at the Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, India.

Mr Devidas Naraindas Budhrani

Mr. Budhrani is an entrepreneur, industrialist, promoter and co-founder of several companies incorporated in manifold sectors globally.

Contributing to the welfare of society has been a clear calling for Mr. Budhrani from a young age. He founded the Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust in memory of his parents to reach out to the neediest communities across the country. Since its inception in 2002, a low profile and committed support has been the way for him. In a clear alignment with the Millennium Development Goals, the trust continues to explore opportunities to change people’s lives through various initiatives in health, education and community development. This has translated into a staunch support for MFV’s mission to eradicate avoidable blindness across the country.

Mr Jagdish M. Chanrai

Mr. Chanrai, is the Founder of Mission for Vision. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who graduated from the Mumbai University with a Bachelors degree in Commerce before taking over the family business in Nigeria. The family was engaged in industry, trade and finance and operated across three continents - Africa, Asia and Europe. From his early days Mr. Chanrai was deeply conscious of the need to reduce the gap between the have and the have-nots and this gave rise to his philosophy of "Caring Capitalism". It has always been his desire to devote 5% of his time and his income to help the less fortunate and he is a vociferous advocate of this philosophy. His belief, that the private sector should use its entrepreneurial expertise and professionalism for the greater good has guided his efforts in establishing the Tulsi Chanrai Foundation in Nigeria and the Mission for Vision Trust in India.

With offices in London, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore, Mr. Chanrai and his family are increasingly involved in trade and finance in these regions. Mr. Chanrai is a Trustee of the Jaslok Hospital and Research center in Mumbai; one of the first multi-specialty hospitals in India which was established by the Chanrai family in 1973. He is also a Trustee of several other Trusts in India, the United Kingdom and in Nigeria.

Mr. Chanrai says, "I take this opportunity to thank all our esteemed trustees, donors & dedicated partners, without whom, our vision to help those with curable blindness would not have been possible. With your constant effort and aid, we are touching and curing hundreds of lives every day. We started over twenty years ago on this journey to eradicate curable blindness in India. We have come a long, long way! With confidence I say, that one day curable blindness will be eradicated from India. We are moving towards an India we can be proud of. Thank you for being with me throughout this journey and I am sure I can depend on you to continue with me until our goal is achieved."

Late Mr Madhu B Chanrai

The Late Mr. Madhu B. Chanrai was an industrialist having business interest spread across India, U.K., Nigeria & Gibraltar. Apart from his various charitable activities he was the Founder Trustee of Seth Bhojraj Hassomal Charitable Trust named after his father along with his brothers Mr. H.B. Chanrai & Mr. B.B. Chanrai.

These charities will continue and be augmented substantially as per the blue print he had given. Unfortunately these could not be fully realized during his life time as he passed away peacefully on 29th April, 2015.

According to him, "Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps, down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision. Vision without action is a day dream. Action without vision is night mare."

He believed that Mission for Vision embodies both vision and action.

Mr Mani S. Subramanian

Mr. Subramanian firmly believes as he quotes, "Let us aspire for the most laudable and nobler objective and work towards a day of liberation, in our lifetime, to make India totally devoid of blindness."

Mr Nari Kirpalani

Mr. Kirpalani is the Chairman of the Enpee Group which he founded 50 years ago. He took root in Nigeria with consumer goods trading. Armed with astute business acumen and foresight he created a business empire that has manufacturing operations in Africa, the Middle East and India, with sales offices in various countries. Contribution to society has always been a catalyst in the drive for business expansion and this is reflected in his ethical and humanistic business practices and his philanthropic undertakings.

Mr. Kriplani says, "I feel proud to be an integral part of the MFV team, whose zeal for provision of eye care to the underprivileged is earning everyone's respect and understanding. MFV has ensured that: There is help where there is need. There is provision where there are no resources. There is growing partnership for a common goal – Quality eye care for the needy. We will continue to grow in this partnership with MFV with a vision to give vision to as many as possible."

Dr Prakash Mirchandani

Dr. Mirchandani gave up his medical practice to devote his services to the weaker sections of the society. As a Trustee of the Tulsi Trust, he was associated with the initiation of the Eye Care Program in India as well as Nigeria. He is associated with all other programs of the Tulsi Trust since their inception. He is one of the architects of the Community Ophthalmology Program in its present avatar. He has been the prime mover in the establishment of Mission for Vision and is a Founder Trustee. He also holds the position as a Trustee for several Trusts in India and overseas.

Dr. Mirchandani said, "This is being done with full humility and the triumph is heralded not by the organization and its partners but by the beneficiaries who have received the gift of sight. Every care is taken to ensure that the patient comes first and is treated with the love and dignity that one would give to a loved one. This is what makes this partnership unique. A blanketing of the whole of India by this movement. And then a move across borders to other nations and areas where the scourge of blindness exists."

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