Community Eye Health

We support projects that reach out to the community at the village level and urban slums. The CEH projects help in comprehensive screening of the community for any eye condition that requires treatment; supports in transportation of patients to the base eye hospital; has provision for quality free or subsidized treatment at the hospital and follow ups post treatment. The majority of patients treated are above age of 50 years and come from poor rural communities.

School Eye Health

Under this programme we screen school children in government and government aided schools in both rural and urban/semi urban areas to detect any eye condition that requires treatment. The children identified with refractive error are provided with child friendly spectacles of their choice and those requiring further examination are referred to the partner hospital or to the secondary level eye centre for further examination and treatment. Such students benefit from the spectacles provided to them or from surgery and other interventions.

Infrastructure support

Mission for Vision supports partner eye hospitals for development of facilities that will provide free treatment to the patients from poor rural communities. The support extends to construction of wards and operation theatres in many centres across the country. As per the need of the partner institutions vehicles for partner hospitals have been provided to help them reach to the community in remote locations.

Inclusive Education

Mission for Vision supports an innovative inclusive education programme for children with disabilities. At present we support children with visual impairments to strengthen their skills in mathematics. This support is provided with support of teachers who specifically teach the children mathematics from class VI to class X. This project is helping the children with visual impairments pursue science and other career options after class X.

Quality of life assessment

Measuring the impact of its interventions is one of the key aspects of Mission for Vision’s work. MFV’s programme impact initiative studies the impact of eye health intervention among persons provided eye health services. We assess the impact of the surgery both from patients’ perspective and from their family members’ perspective. Interesting case stories are also collected to show the impact of the treatment on the overall life of the patients.

Project Evaluation

Understanding the effects of strategies being adopted in various projects is crucial for the further development and strengthening of various initiates being supported by Mission for Vision. We undertake mid-term, end –term and impact evaluations of the projects we support.

Visual Outcome

We are committed to ensure that all patients get the best quality eye treatment. Thus we regularly measure the visual outcomes being achieved by the patients who have been operated for at our partner institutions. We calibrate the findings as per the WHO standard and make sure the quality of visual outcome is as per the laid down standard.

Facility Assessment

Providing the best possible care to all patients is of prime importance to us. Thus we periodically assess the Community eye screening camps, Facilities in the eye hospitals, Transportation facilities for patients, Benefits received by the patients and provide recommendations to partners.

Patient Satisfaction

We periodically assess the satisfaction level of the patients availing the eye health services at the partner hospitals. The issues related to transportation of patients from the camp to the hospital; food and stay arrangements at hospitals; counselling of the patients etc. are documented and discussed with partner institutions.


To getter better insights into various community level health issues, barriers to uptake of services, impact of services, project strategies, change in quality of life, health status of patients, perceptions of community etc. are being studied under various research projects.

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