Sankara Eye Hospital (SEH), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Built on 5.5 acres of gifted land, the flagship of Sankara Eye Foundation India (SEFI), Sankara Eye Hospital was established in 1984.

With community participation, it has now blossomed into a 500 bed specialty ophthalmic world class hospital that performs 37,000 vision restoring cataract surgeries year after year. It has also been recognized as a post graduate training institute by the Diplomat of the National board, as well as by the National Programme for Control of Blindness and Government of India.

Sankara Eye Hospital, Pammal, Tamil Nadu

In response to a serious need for healthcare services in Pammal, Sri Sankara Health Centre was established in December 1984 and started as an outpatient clinic. In 1997 this hospital was converted into an exclusive ophthalmic hospital to provide comprehensive high quality eye care especially to the rural poor in the districts of Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur, Chennai and Chittoor (AP). Community Ophthalmology became the first services of this hospital in 2003, this hospital built a ward on the second floor to accommodate camp patients and two modern operation theatres, one with four microscopes & eight tables and another with one microscope & two tables.

2006 saw the start of Medical Retinal services and this also marked the beginning of the hospital moving towards tertiary care apart from cataract and glaucoma. In June 2008, Eye Bank services were launched with facilities created for collection, storage and transplanting of cornea.

By 2010 the hospital had become a multispecialty eye care institution with the launching of Pediatric and Orbit Oculoplasty services. The range of services offered by the hospital extended across all sub-specialties and covered both medical and surgical services.

Sankara Nethralaya Jaslok Community Ophthalmic Centre (SNJCOC), Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Sankara Nethralaya with financial support from the Kewalram Family of Jaslok Hospital Mumbai set up Jaslok Community Ophthalmic Centre (JCOC) in 1999. Established in 1999, JCOC, has provided free eye care services to a number of underprivileged people.

With five operation theatres and 75 beds, JCOC treats about 200-300 out patients every day and does comprehensive eye exam and treats all eye ailments apart from cataract and performs between 30-40 surgeries every day. JCOC also serves as a training centre for PGs and Fellows of Sankara Nethralaya and offers training programmes such as the short term cataract Fellowship programme.

Sankara Rural Eye Hospital (SREH), Krishnankoil, Tamil Nadu

Dr. Vivekananda Raja established Sankara Rural Eye Hospital near the temple town of Srivilliputhur around 70 kms south of Madurai with support from his family and local donors.

This hospital managed by Dr. Vivekananda Raja became part of the Sankara Institution hospitals in 2004. Built in over 6.1 acres land, the hospital is a 225 bed capacity facility. At present the hospital employs 7 doctors including 3 full time Ophthalmologists, 3 Fellows in Ophthalmology and 1 from General Medicine in addition to 79 administrative, paramedic and support staff. The transition was facilitated by MFV with financial assistance from its trustees. With this expansion, the free bed capacity has been increased to 200.

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